Specialized Exhibition <br>PromEnergy 2019
26-29 september 2019
Specialized Exhibition
PromEnergy 2019

The Exhibition is a professional platform which brings together specialized specialists from various industries, municipal and commercial institutions, condominiums to solve pressing issues in the field of technical support of the life of enterprises, implementation of resource saving and energy efficiency in general.

The composition of the exhibition and its uniqueness are formed by each participant not only by the exposition at their stand, but also by the original submission of proposals, the variety of events and presentations of the company.


Kharkiv Sports Palace, Kharkiv, Peter Grigorenko ave., 2 ("Sports Palace" metro station)

Official opening of the exhibition and conference: 09/26/19 - 11:00

exhibition work schedule: 09/26/19 - from 10:00 to 18:00, 09/27/19 - from 10:00 to 18:00, 09/28/19 - from 10:00 to 18:00, 09/29/19 - from 10:00 to 15:00

Exhibition closing: 09/29/19 - 15:00

PROMENERGY 2019 exhibition program
information about the exhibition

At the same time at one place 4 equal events take place:

PromENERGY 2019 Specialized Exhibition 
September 26-29, 2019

“Modernization, Resource Saving, Energy Efficiency in Industry" Conference
26th of September, 2019

Working seminar, presentatin of "EKONOMBUD" company: "Hyrdo- and thermal insulation in industry. Industrial insulation"  28th of September, 2019

B2B negotiations with representatives of foreign companies
26th of September, 2019

Connecting wall is an equipped booth, where your company may place information on the company’s open vacancies, advertising services and offers, and the visitors may present their current CVs. 
September 26-29, 2019

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Specialization of the exhibition by sections

Manufacturing companies, dealers, representatives of foreign companies, whose activities are segmented in the following specializations, are among the participants of PromENERGY exhibition.

Heat supply.<br> Power equipment
Heat supply.
Power equipment
Alternative sources <br>of energy
Alternative sources
of energy
Water supply. Wastewater disposal. <br>Water treatment systems
Water supply. Wastewater disposal.
Water treatment systems
Ventilation. Recuperation.  <br>Conditioning
Ventilation. Recuperation.
Electricity supply. <br>Lighting
Electricity supply.
Hydro-, heat-, noise and sound <br>insulation
Hydro-, heat-, noise and sound
Industrial automation
Industrial automation
Industrial refrigeration. <br>Refrigeration equipment
Industrial refrigeration.
Refrigeration equipment
Hydraulic and <br>pneumatic equipment
Hydraulic and
pneumatic equipment
Ecology. Utilization. <br>Waste treatment facilities
Ecology. Utilization.
Waste treatment facilities
Safety. <br>Protective clothing
Protective clothing
Energy audit, logistics,<br> financial programs
Energy audit, logistics,
financial programs
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It is on the platform of the PromENERGY 2019 Exhibition that professionals with common interests and common goals meet who have something to offer each other, select highly qualified personnel or find work in their specialty - Connecting Wall.

Show activity and creativity and offer your product to a potential client at the highest level!

Visit the PromENERGY 2019 Exhibition and get maximum benefit from the opportunities provided by it!

Waiting for You:
Kharkiv Palace of Sports, 2, Petro Grigorenko Ave., Kharkiv
(metro station "Palace of Sport")